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Really like your pictures
dan mcleod

Loving your work

Especially Love the landscape photos taken from different non typical angles and the natural people shots capturing our amazing diverse world.
Your website banner photo is superb .. I thought it was a hibiscus, which is one of my favourite flowers,?? until I zoomed in!
Look forward to seeing more shots posted soon


fab-u-lous pictures !


These are great pictures – I've just seen them today. The portraits are really good - composed and natural at the same time. And the puffins. But I think I like the places best, especially Dubrovnik, Buscombe Pier and the other seaside one. No wonder you got a distinction.
Christopher Shevlin

Thames Barrier

Hi Steve - big thank you for the Thames barrier images - they are spectacular. We will use one for our new Flood and Coastal Engineering 'teaching room' - hopefully to inspire the future engineers we are working with. Superb imagery, and fantastic resolution. Thanks again and a pleasure to meet you yesterday
Geoff Brighty


Thank you very much for my photos. I was feeling amazing and confident, it was a great experience for me. Thank you very much.


Thank you a lot for my photos .. good quality ..friendly personality with who I felt very confident ..again Thank you


I just saw all of your images. It is just mind blowing.. I really became your fan today. I just love your pictures...
Prince Jacob

Battle of Mogadishu Display images

Great images Steve of our Black Hawk Down display at the War and Peace Revival 2015. We really appreciate your time! Cheers!
Three Sixty History


Hi Steve,
Many thanks for the quality images and quick turnaround. Just what I needed for personal profiles and website use.
All the best,
Ian Harrison


Some fabulous images ! I thoroughly enjoyed browsing through them and have picked two to be enlarged and framed. it's times like this when I wish I had a bigger house :-)


Have to say I love your images, and I particularly enjoy your portraitures.
Tabitha Alexander

Great website!

Hi Steve, I thoroughly enjoyed browsing through your website. Some lovely images across a variety of subjects. The cityscapes & landscapes are amongst my favourites. Best wishes,
Trevor Gilmour


Hi Steve,
Love your work. Thank you for the photos. Hopefully will collaborate with you again some time soon.
Hayley Ryan

Family portrait

Hi Steve, love your work, some very interesting images - have liked what I have seen and would be interested in arranging a sitting for a very informal family portrait.
Will be in touch.
Vivienne Conlon